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Nectar de Roses Body

There are over 140 species of wild rose in the world. As soon as the nightingale begins to sing, Melvita travels from France to Chile to gather three of these centuries old roses from pure and untouched lands, then bring them together in a fresh and light bouquet. At the heart of this bouquet, Melvita has added a few drops of its Damask Rose Floral Water.


With the Nectar de Roses range, Melvita offers a precious blend with a captivating scent that moisturizes and revitalizes even the thirstiest skin, from head to toe.


The legend of the wild rose

According to a legend, wild roses would burst into bloom as soon as the nightingale began to sing its mating call. From the moment the first notes rang out, these pure, white roses, as if enchanted, would open one by one, their captivating scent filling the air. But then, one beautiful day, spring brought all the roses into bloom without awaiting the nightingale’s return. Overcome with jealousy, the nightingale flung itself onto a rose bush, convinced he would find the rival who had made the flowers bloom during his absence. He fought furiously against its thorns, but in vain. As drops of blood fell from his wounds, they coloured the wild roses forevermore. For roses never forget a lover…